Defensive Tactics

CLASS-  DECEMBER 17th, 2013 from 5:30-7:00pm  —  LOCATION RUBY RECEPTIONISTS  (Please contact for more information)  503-957-3287

Defensive Tactics
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Miss Fight Classes are based on simple movements that are instinctive in nature and taught in a manner to simulate real life situations. The skills presented are derived from various tactics taught in citizen and law enforcement defensive tactics classes combined with non-traditional martial art of Krav Maga.   These classes are designed to enhance the “Winning Warrior” spirit through mental and physical training in order to overcome “freezing” in dangerous confrontations and will incorporate fitness and endurance components needed for surviving a serious attack.

Defense One:

The objective of this class is to build from the basics of self defense and fighting principals.  Participants will begin by developing a strong foundation where they will learn the proper fighting stance and footwork.  The participants will learn various punches, elbow and knee strikes and kicks and how to deliver these strikes from a standing position and from the ground.  Participants will also learn how defend themselves against chokes, headlocks and control holds.

Defense Two:

Upon successful completion of Defense One, this intermediate level class will reinforce the basics and incorporate more tactics promoting fitness and success in dangerous situations. The participants will continue to improve their fundamental skills and learn additional strikes and kicks along with simultaneous counterattacks, blocks and more defenses against chokes, headlocks and control holds.

Defense Three:

Upon successful completion of Defense Two, participants will be introduced to techniques that involve the defense against weapons such as knives, guns and bats/sticks.  The participant’s foundational skills from Defense One and Defense Two will be finely tuned to encourage proper technique.


Participant skill mastery will be measured through the use of reality based scenarios which tests the students ability to utilize skills they have learned against an attacker.   Successful completion of each level is dependent upon degree of participation and frequency.  Defense One is the most complicated course as there is much to learn.  On average one should expect completion of Defense One within four months if training occurs two to three times a week.    Defense Two and Three may take two months respectively if one trains on average two to three times a week.

Advanced Tactical Training:

Additional classes will be offered for Sworn Police Officers, Reserve Officers, Corrections Officers and Parole and Probation Officers only.  These classes will cover Defense One through Three and provide additional instruction in regard to tactics relevant to their job keeping in line with Use of Force issues and reality based scenario training.  Such opportunities will be dependent upon interest and availability of additional instructors.