Sawtooth Mountains – Horse packing trip – COMING IN 2016!

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Hi Everyone,

Let me just tell you this year’s Sawtooth trip was absolutely incredible!  We had such an amazing time we will be doing it again in 2016!  I hope you can join us.  Here are a few things that were said about the trip:


I have been re-entering into my routine for the past couple of days and wanted to take a minute and touch base with you all and say that I am so grateful for our experience in the Sawtooths together.


Our connection with one another was an incredible gift among the many gifts that mountain had to offer us!
I am in awe of my awakening inside and the connection I took away with not only each of you but also, myself.


I am stronger from the vulnerability I experienced.  The vulnerability that I tend to shy away from. I have been sharing the stories of the “rock” with my niece and great niece that live with me now while they get on their feet.  The stories of strong women facing fears, breaking boards and arrows and relating on a “real” level.


So, thank you , thank you to all of you for your breath, friendship and humor.

And, to our fearless leader for sharing your knowledge, fears, wonderful words and food cooked with love and intention to strengthen our bodies.  Nikki you are a leader of grand proportions and I will follow you on any mountain, any day.   JC


First, you are a trusted friend, teacher, leader, guide, helper…… from encouraging me to try something I never dreamt I could do, reassuring me that while carrying a heavy backpack I can cross a log 4 feet above a rushing creek and climb a mountain (or several?).  These were actually the ‘easy’ things you helped me discover about myself.  You helped me find my voice and share with nine other women my deepest fears and greatest traumas….. You helped me to understand and absorb the power of intention, breathe, and especially the strength of nine women circling up to embrace, hold, support and empower me to gather up my inner strength to break a board with my bare hand AND break an arrow with the most vulnerable part of my body allowing me to explode into a place of inner strength I thought I had lost long ago.  But discovering this inner strength was not nearly all of it, you taught each of us how we could help each other face our deepest fear and trauma by breathing  love, acceptance, intention and strength into each of our Sawtooth Sisters hearts as we each came forward one by one to face our deepest fear and trauma.  You taught us not only to give, but to receive from each other. 

Nikki, you brought this group of women together.  YOU taught us to become a team; you taught us to rely upon and trust our lives, well-being, deepest fears and long silent secrets with each other.  I know without a doubt that anyone of us Sawtooth Sisters would go over a cliff to save each other from harm….that trust does not just show up Nikki.  You helped each of us to cultivate trust in ourselves and trust in our Sawtooth Sisters.  You encouraged us to discover that we are each courageous and powerful. You encouraged us to touch our souls, reach deep within to learn about ourselves and to share ourselves. And we did share, from a place of not only our strength(s) but also from our most raw, tender, frightened and vulnerable places. 

You helped me to understand that the beauty and vastness of the incredible Sawtooth Mountains was not only for me to behold with each of my five senses but also within me…. As tiny as each of us are in the Universe, we each are also as big as the vastness of Earth, Water and Sky deep within our beings.

You Nikki helped me as well as each Sawtooth Sister on our individual journeys in life. Thank you does not even begin to express what my heart is beginning to understand from what you taught us and the lessons and gifts the mountains bestowed.  But thank you is what I can offer; my deepest, sincere, heartfelt thank you for the love, understanding and compassion which you generously gave and continue to give to each of us.

As a blanket statement regarding the trip…it was once again an opportunity to open my eyes, not to mention my heart and my lungs, an opportunity I am so grateful for…to see outside myself but to observe from outside myself to see how much I project…in turn allowing me to look deeper into myself…which created a warmer, deeper space in my heart.  I came away feeling relatively peaceful, despite my minor emotional and physical challenges, and grateful for the gifts that each and every spirit on that trip gave to me and to all of us individually and collectively.  It was powerful and I know I am filled with a greater sense of self and have heard that echoed in others.  YOU, my dear, are a tremendous leader, guide, catalyst, chef and so much more…YOU, my dear, empowered us all just by being you as well as the tremendous spirit you are and the impressive, powerful work you have done on your self!

I am first and foremost, so proud of you Nik…and feeling rather in awe….of the work you have done, the really hard work you have faced and persevered to rally the growth that you show me and really showed this past week.  What you shared of your own personal self, your childhood pain and trauma…your poetry, your readings…what a shift for you…something you never would have done in the past….hey, you took your shirt and shorts off to jump in the lake with us.  HUGE!!!!!

I am also so grateful beyond words…for all the hard work, attention to detail, your patience, your attention, your kindness, your thoughtfulness and so so so much more…all that you gave to me, to us…all that you offered to me, to us…you fed us like queens, you offered a very safe place for me, for all of us to feel vulnerable, to express, to tremble, to weep…you created an environment and manifested a group for which we could all depend and fall on, to laugh our asses off with when we needed a different release and well just good medicine…intimate times to share more pain, more stories, to be real and honest…

Thank you for allowing me to turn inward and “run away” when I needed to.  You know me well and know that that is what I need at times.  Thank you.

Thank you for the great gift of laughter…to the extent of peeing all over myself and the terrain of the Sawtooth Mountains and thank you for waiting until we were very near water and I could rinse myself off.  I am still chuckling and smiling at that whole scenario….it was the best and will offer many laughs in the future I’m sure.

Mountain Lake Wilderness AdventureThe Sawtooth Wilderness of Central Idaho has over 217,000 acres of lush green meadows and high, jagged mountain peaks that are scattered with a large variety of wildflowers and wildlife.  Pristine clear flowing streams with spectacular waterfalls supply more than 140 high mountain lakes.  Whether you are a novice spin-caster or a seasoned fly fisherman, you will enjoy some of the finest trout fishing in the West.The beauty of the Sawtooth Wilderness has a variety of ecosystems from the Ponderosa Pine forests of the Payette River to glacial sub-alpine basins that flow into the Salmon and Boise Rivers.  The region offers some of America’s most spectacular scenery.  Its ever changing granite peaks, which are unique to Idaho, have often been referred to as the American Alps.  Comfortable back country camps offer a variety of recreation opportunities – photography, fishing, hiking, wildlife viewing, or just relaxing while you enjoy the solitude of this vast wilderness.