Grand Canyon – Hiking [TBA]

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Grand Canyon – Hiking



This trip is an amazing way to see and experience the Canyon. Come and join us in an opportunity of a lifetime. 99% of all people who visit the Grand Canyon never take a step below the rim. Not only are we hiking to the bottom we will be taking a side hike during out stay at the bottom. The hike will be to Ribbon Falls! One of the most beautiful falls in the entire canyon!   More details to come.

Dates: TBA

Participants: Limited to 9 people. All abilities welcome.  THIS WILL BE A COED EVENT!


  • Lodging on the South Rim 1 night
  • Lodging at the Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the Canyon 2 nights
  • Meals on the hike down and hike out.
  • Water and Electrolyte replacements
  • All the meals at the Phantom Ranch (YUMMY!)
  • Workout Programs
  • Miss Fit’s Hiking Season
  • Miss Fit’s Snowshoe Season
  • Meeting and Organization
  • Group Training Sessions
  • Equipment and Prep Work
  • and Much more!


Space is limited. Call Nikki today for more information: 503-957-3287