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Categories: 22 Sep 2013

Naomi Hooley & Rob Stroup

Some things are just meant to be. The chances of Naomi Hooley, from a small town in Alaska, meeting Rob Stroup, from a small town in Oregon, were pretty slim. But it happened… and from the moment they met it was clear they were destined to combine their abundant musical talents. Rob is the perfect producer, co-writer and band mate for Naomi’s melodic, energetic and thoughtful keyboard driven power pop. Naomi is a prolific song writer with a unique style and vocal signature. The local press has called her voice “cool and powerful” and her songwriting “masterful”.  She has that certain something that leaves audiences yelling for more and listeners hitting the replay button. 

Take the melodic sensibilities of the great folk writers of the 70’s like Jim Croce, Gordon Lightfoot, and James Taylor – and combine that with vocal power of Adele or Annie Lennox, and you might begin to understand the talent of Naomi Hooley. Rob’s musical background brings a whole other set of sounds and influences. A founding member of Portland’s beloved roots rock combo The Baseboard Heaters – Rob draws on 60’s rock and classic country influences. Also informed by the “Oklahoma sound” of JJ Cale and the bluesy sides of Dylan. Together – they cover a lot of ground. All delivered with a powerful piano and acoustic guitar combination and amazing harmonies, with a side of story telling.

Naomi and Rob have taken this act all up and down the West Coast and have been very well received by a very diverse group of audiences. They are available to perform in your home or yard as a private house concert or in your coffee shop or music club.

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